Pole Vault World Record: Brian Sternberg

Pole vault world record vaulter in 1963, Brian Sternberg, was age 19. After easily topping the world record several times, Brian made it clear to the world that his pole vault methods were terrible and needed many improvements. Over fifty years ago, Brian Sternberg stated the following 3 facts that are each negatively effected as the result of attempting inherently and permanently flawed "traditional" pole vault methods:

"Vaulting is a jumping event, and vaults of 19'4" to 19'8" will be the going thing. Today's vaulters are not making full use of the potential of the flexible pole." 

pole vault

Thirty years later, in 1993, I published my humble opinion that "50 decathletes worldwide can break the current pole vault world record using the Air Strike System!" & "You CAN Consistently Vault 20' or Higher!" Along with those facts I also published simple Air Strike solutions that finally answered how to maximize the potential of the flexible vaulting pole.

The success of revolutionary Air Strike pole vault methods began with the application of "horizontal flexed pole rotation" to fully and properly "load" flexing vaulting poles according to "manufacturer" specifications. I provided the first video documentation (see it at www.howtopolevault.com) revealing that NOT "PRESSING" flexible poles allows vaulters to successfully JUMP (prior to the pole tip striking the back of the plant box) WITHOUT knocking the airborne vaulter backwards the moment the "strike" stops the forward moving pole tip. Recorded in 1992, our extraordinary procedural discovery is the first and only method that allows suspended vaulters to "glide" smoothly in air throughout the entire pole vaulting sequence.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Sergei Bubka's and Yelena Isinbayeva's coach, Vitaly Petrov, had already invested years UNSUCCESSFULLY attempting to accomplish the pole vault revelations "Air Strike" achieved in 1992.

I eventually only became aware of the above facts related to Sergei Bubka's coach when I came across a five page pdf article in 2011 on the Internet. It is titled "THE PRE-JUMP" and authored by Australian national pole vault coach, Alan Launder. After nearly 20 years since my last attempts to challenge the grip of perilous apatheia that is proven LETHAL to athletes using dangerous "Traditional" pole vault methods, seeing this article rekindled my will to EXPOSE DEADLY "Traditional" pole vault teachings. The article's topic is a Vitaly Petrov Pole Vault Theory of which Sergei Bubka's coach has been deliberating and unsuccessfully attempting since as early as 1985.

Although, I NEVER heard of "The Pre-Jump" prior to 2011, Alan Launder's article contains significant documentation that clearly substantiates the extraordinary substance encapsulated in the "Air Strike System." I will begin posting for you every lethal flaw relating to Alan Launder's article in the near future. But, for now, the following message I have for you is most urgent:

If you are using or teaching "traditional" pole vault methods you are simply WRONG! Air Strike Pole Vault is absolute and there is no easier, safer, higher, more consistent, controlled or acrobatic method to properly pole vault.

ONE OBVIOUS REASON WHY "traditional" pole vault methods are WRONG is that every flexible pole vault pole manufactured has a specific safe "load-range" that is determined at the time of the pole's assembly. The pole should be used within a "safe-range" as close as possible to the specifications of the manufacturer.


It is critical to the SAFETY & SUCCESS of pole vaulters that flexible pole vault poles be FLEXED & LOADED CORRECTLY. "Traditional" pole vault methods don't even come close to placing vaulters or vaulting poles into proper positions DICTATED by the MANUFACTURERS & DESIGNERS of deadly flexible vaulting poles.

M Thomas Toledo
Las Vegas, Nevada